If you want to change life for you and your family, I can help you learn from the right people.

My mission is to share my 24+ years in the finance industry with as many Australians as possible.

Through my own experiences and via some of the most successful people in finance, I want to give you the tools and connections to become tomorrow’s most successful self-funded retirees… who can always afford to live the life of their dreams.

5 Pillars
FOCUS – Do you have financial goals?
TIME – Are you letting time get away?
DESIRE – Are you trapped by wanting new things?
ACTION – Are you actively making a plan?
BELIEF – What did your parents teach you about money?

What do you need to unlearn to generate more wealth?

Don’t know where to begin when it comes to managing your money? Don’t worry, you’re in the right place! My free 5 Pillars quiz will help you identify any bad habits you need to unlearn to save, invest, and financially reinvent your life.



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“Talking Finance is tricky! However, Vanessa offers the necessary industry insights and access to Money Masters to introduce you to a world of financial planning and goal setting. Her support and honesty is like having a family member holding your hand. She is passionate, ambitious and loves wearing capes! I'm so grateful to have received the fruits of her labour to unlock this important financial discussion by appearing alongside her in Channel Nine’s Learn from the Money Masters – The Investment Series.”


“I’ve been a financial advisor for many years and have worked with Vanessa since 2001. As a practitioner in the industry it’s easy to forget the overall goal of the sector. You focus so hard on yourself and your clients that you overlook taking a step back look at the bigger picture, but Vanessa is able to achieve getting you to do just that. She has a rare level of passion and dedication, and she makes the entire process exciting for practitioners and consumers alike. She is definitely at the highest calibre in the industry.”


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