Meet Vanessa

Vanessa developed her pillars for unlearning money by testing her theory on herself. See her go back to where she grew up to explore what pillars she needed to unlearn.

With over two decades of experience in the wealth creation space, Vanessa Stoykov is a highly respected finance industry thought leader.

Vanessa is the Founder of No More Practice Education, a leading online financial education hub, Founder and Chief Executive of production house Evolution Media Group, creator of the Channel Nine’s Learn from the Money Masters: The Investment Series, and soon to be author of a new book to be published by global publisher Wiley.

Her impressive credentials are extensive.  Vanessa began her journey in the business world at the age of 26, establishing Evolution Media Group. Starting with only $14,000, the company has grown into a multimillion corporation.

Vanessa believes that to truly grow long-term wealth, people need to UNLEARN everything they think they know about money.

As such, she has been dedicated to helping professionals and financial advisors learn how to grow wealth by focussing on ‘educating the educators’ with new techniques to assist them in better communicating and serving the wider community.

Her client partnerships include some of the biggest companies in Australia – including BT Westpac, UBS, Perpetual, AMP, CBA, and dozens more.

Vanessa aims to extend her passion for unlearning to achieve wealth creation further by teaching consumers her techniques directly via her Channel 9 show Learn from the Money Masters: The Investment Series, and book due out in May 2018.

Vanessa is a regular contributor of Morningstar, and has recently been featured in numerous publications including, Courier-Mail, Daily Telegraph, APM Media and Dynamic Business.

At the age of 44 Vanessa is even more committed than ever to telling stories that matter, and to helping others better their lives.

Outside of the corporate space, Vanessa enjoys spending time with her husband and three sons, and visiting her hometown of Gunnedah, where she first realised her passion for storytelling by hiding a torch in her bedroom and reading under the doona well after bedtime.

Vanessa Stoykov

If you are interested in media production, or want to see the work from Vanessa’s production company you can check it out here.

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She’s absolutely an industry pioneer, and what she brings to her clients is innovation; she forces us out of our comfort zones, and the payoff is immense. She is definitely one of my heroes.


Vanessa definitely has a pioneering spirit; she’s very conscious of the urgency in ensuring that financial literacy is understood by all Australians. She is very passionate about making the pension relevant to everyone, even future generations to come. Her vision is really important because investing and saving isn’t as complex as it may seem, and will generate self-sufficiency in retirement.